Mafia 3 – Unlock Silenced Pistol, Guns Early Guide

This guide will show you how to unlock silenced weapons (pistols or guns) early in Mafia 3 game. The developers of Mafia 3 gave the fans a complete flexibility on how they can approach missions in Mafia 3.

Players can go all firearm bursting utilizing the weapons, for example, shotguns and pistols, to finish foes, or request an aid from couple of companions, or they can go for a Stealth strategies all through the whole mission without being seen by adversaries.

In the event that you are among one of those players who is anticipating playing Mafia 3 with Stealth strategies then please have a look at this guide below cuz you’re going to need silenced weapon in your stealthy journey in Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 is an action adventure open world video game, the game was developed by Hanger 13 and published by 2K Games for PC, PS4, Xbox One and OSX.

We have 2 tricks for this, check out the details on next page!

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