Mass Effect Andromeda – A Simple Beginners Guide – Tips And Tricks

These are some of the tips and tricks you can use if you are starting Mass Effect Andromeda


In order to craft custome weapons and armor you need minerals and basic materials exploring throughout Nomad , make sure you use your equipped scanner when you come across a new corpse, weapon, minerals, technology, or exotic plant. Make sure you research all kind of technology because there are three kinds of research data . If you are close to something you can scan your controller will vibrate and will let you know at the bottom of your screen.


Throughout the whole Mass Effect Andromeda you will encounter lots of words and talks, just make sure you keep a lookout for the Datapads or computer terminals that contain messages, notes or audio logs because they often trigger side quests, reveal the locations of new weapons or resources, or provide helpful information to Ryder about their mission.

The same goes for the inhabitants of the Andromeda Initiative and the planets of the Heleus Cluster. When you find someone with a ‘Talk To’ icon, take a moment to have a conversation – odds are if they’ve got something to say,these are worth hearing. Plus as a bonus you might find some sex and romance options through these conversations.


You must not  forget to save a combination of your desired skills and your profile to your Favorite wheel! The button that pulls up the Favorites menu is listed on the bottom right corner of the Skills menu screen. Switch to your favorite skills loadout whenever you are in a mission and in the weapons and consumables quick menu.


You’ve probably  searched through a lot of containers, and hopefully you have some items that are valued as “high.” You’ll also want to sell other items you don’t use as your beginning inventory slots fill quickly.


While you are exploring Normad either in a vehicle or on foot make sure you collect all the minerals. They’re are very essential and are required resource for crafting better weapons and armor so the more you find early the better off you’ll be later.


Make sure at the start ofthe game you search the planets throughloy and early in the game it might give you the benefit of alot of XP in the early game

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