Mass Effect Andromeda Easy Credit, Weapons, Armor And Resources Cheat Guide


Clear the priority mission until you get the access to the Govorkam System after that head to Kadara. When you land on the surface make your way towats the Transit Conssole and warp to the location which would be labeled as “Take lift to Slums.”, Now proceed west along the road until you reach a station where you will meet a character named Thrasia. She offers the “A Packaged Deal” side quest, which you have to complete. Once you complete it, you can take advantage of a discount at her shop. Now you can buy expensive items such as Titanium and sell them right back for a profit. If you buy enough of a particular item before you turn around and sell it, you can easily get thousands of credits per simple trade, making this an easy place to amass millions of credits in a short amount of time (though the exploit may not work in patched versions of the game).


When you start the start the game right at the beginning, look in the room adjacent to the shop to find an orange crate. You can open it and you would be able to find some valueable gear. However, make sure that you don’t take each item. Leave one or more in place, then create a manual game save. Load that game and you will find that the crate has been restocked. Repeat the process as desired to build up a nice selection before you complete the EOS. After that, the crate disappears.



There is a video leaked where you can use Jetpack in Mass Effect Andromeda

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