NBA 2K17 – Scan Your Face Guide

This guide will show you how to scan your face with your smartphone in NBA 2K17 video game.

Face Scan is one of the features in NBA 2K17 which permits you to utilize a camera to make your twin in the video game. You’ll need to download the official MyNBA2K17 application onto your Android or iPhone, then let it check your face with the camera. Results may shift – once in a while it will turn out awesome, different times it will look not at all like you. Gratefully, there are things you could do to enhance your odds. And in this guide, we will discuss that so what are you waiting for? Have a look below now!

Face Scanning Tips

Here’s some of the most important tips on how to make sure the scan goes as perfect as it can:

  1. You need to have as much light as possible, outside of your room/house/home on a sunny day would be awesome. Natural light is always better.
  2. Your face needs to be well lit from the front, with no shadows.
  3. You have to take off your hat, glasses and any other accessories you may have.
  4. Also you must pull back your hair if it’s long enough to cover parts of your face.
  5. Use the selfie camera, or if you want to use rear camera, its better of you ask someone for help.
  6. Hold the phone at eye level, about 18″ (45 cm) from your face.
  7. Don’t move your smartphone around – rotate your head.
  8. If the light makes you want to blink, stop rotating your face while you do it.
  9. Slowly rotate your head up to 45 degrees in each direction.
  10. Look straight ahead of you, not into the camera.

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