NBA 2K17 Wiki – Doing Work Bar Feature Guide

This guide will explain pretty much everything about the Doing Work feature in NBA 2K17 video game. NBA 2K17 Doing Work is another most important feature in MyCareer.

It’s a bar/meter that you can top off and fill up in various ways. It opens after a specific point in the NBA 2K17 video game. Filling your Doing Work bar wins you new Attribute Upgrades through your MyCareer experience. The Doing Work bar fills up to some degree gradually, yet you can speed the procedure up on the off chance that you pick your activities admirably.

Unlock Doing Work in NBA 2K17

This new feature known as Doing Work is just accessible in MyCareer. Indeed, even there, it isn’t available from the very beginning. You’ll need to complete your college career and get drafted into the NBA. After your foot is in the entryway, you’ll get days off. This is the point at which you’ll get the chance to take part in Doing Work. Remember, on the off chance that you’ve played through the Prelude demo, your advancement will be reset and you’ll need to do it once more. There was an issue with the servers and the designers needed to wipe progress.

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