NBA 2K17 Wiki – Switch Parks Without Losing Rep in MyPark Guide

This guide will show you how to change or switch parks without losing any reputation whatsoever in MyPark in NBA 2K17 video game.

NBA 2K17’s MyPark mode will permit you to play online with different players, be they your friends or total strangers. You’ll need to join a specific park before you can start playing. In the event that you need to play nearby companions or friends, you’ll must be in the same park. Changing parks in MyPark is do able, yet can be precarious, since the choice isn’t self-evident.

Ergo, today we are talking explaining pretty much everything about how to change or switch parks in MyPark in NBA 2k17. Have a look at the details below!

Switch Parks in MyPark

In order to switch your park, you had to follow these steps:

  • Go to MyPark
  • Pause the game
  • Select MyPark Rep.
  • Press triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox.
  • Pick a new park.

In the event that you switched, you’d lose all the reputation you’ve earned in your present park. It’s most likely best to converse with your buddies before you begin the game and agree on a certain park you’d all join. Along these lines, no one will need to lose rep.

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