New Grand theft Auto V Mod With Enhanced Textures

This New Grand theft Auto V PC Mod with lots of tweaks and changes  has been released.

This mod is called “The Pinnacle of V,” , and is created by Josh Romito

The Description reads,  “Not only is this a visual enhancement, but literally every aspect of the game has been tweaked, adjusted, and fine tuned to create the most realistic, stunning, and immersive Grand Theft Auto experience to date,”

Get this mod from the link below


Check out the screen shots of  Grand theft Auto V PC playing on this mod


Not only is this a visual enhancement, but literally every aspect of the game has been tweaked, adjusted, and fine tuned to create the most realistic, stunning, and immersive Grand Theft Auto experience to date. Check out the full features list below to get a grasp at the size of this ever expanding project.

The best and most realistic Reshade & Enb configurations included to provide a perfect color balance and bring new life to the game.
Totally redone every in game weather, removing chromatic aberration, noise, vignetting, and other postfx.
Improved clouds, lighting, color control, reduced fog to realistic amounts and much more. Major overhaul! (Letting the game change weathers in its natural cycle provides the best experience! Don’t always use a trainer, you’ll be surprised.)
Photo realistic rain and puddles.
Increased global reflection and shadow intensity.
Added Volumetric Lighting to all weathers during night.
Removed flashing from pickup objects(weapons cash wallets etc.)
Enabled shadows from weapon, explosion and other smoke/particle effects within near vicinity of player(uses the same distance as the general shadow box)
Removed most lensflare and limited corona size.
Improved/stronger wind effects.
Edited particle effects to allow more collision, as well as made more objects breakable(more coming in future updates).
Better grass and plant general settings.
Global smoke effect improved, everything from exhaust to chimneys to explosions 😉
Better weather lighting, fog control, and atmosphere.
Much improved storm weather waves and water effects.
Massively improved reflections.
Increased farclip.
Longer lasting footprints, better tire water, dirt, and burnout smoke effects.
4k and improved Bokeh Depth of Field Effects.
Improved vehicle lights, coronas, flare, spotlights and police lights.

Plants, grass, bushes, vehicles, water, blood, stars, moon, and more! The texture overhaul is a massive project on its own, and it will be receiving regular updates as progress is made. These textures are not just simply upscaled. They are entirely brand new textures being introduced into the game.
4k Clouds
4k Water
4k Stars and Moon
4k Plants and Grass
4k Blood
4k Fire Sprites
4k Coronas
4k Rain Drops and Splash Textures
4k Cloud Noise
4k Vehicle Bottom Shadows
2k Real Vehicle Replacements for Carrier Types(Coke, Pepsi, graffiti, and more!)

Every car, truck, van, SUV, commercial, utility, transportation, water, and air vehicle has been modded to provide realistic deformation, top speeds, weight, handling, crash physics, avoidance control, ai control and more! Finally you can drive around Los Santos in a vehicle that doesn’t feel like a toy!

In game relationships have been edited between the police, gangs, animals, and the player. This creates a much more lively environment, seeing gangs and police battle it out on the streets, and allowing the player to enjoy their encounters with animals to a higher degree! You can also stand closer to pedestrians for a longer time without them running away!

All population levels have been increased by specific area, time, and day of the week. This provides realistic city rush hours, and a much more alive feeling to the city of Los Santos. All dlc vehicles now spawn in traffic naturally, as well as many other pedestrians, both ambient and scenario are now present on the streets!
New activities and new faces!
Accurate police patrols, on foot and in cruisers!

All of the original weapons in game have been extremely modified. Every weapon now has realistic recoil, bullet spread, tracer fx, muzzle flash fx, reload animation speeds and more.
Bullets now travel at a realistic speed instead of being instant hit.
Certain materials can now be shot through, such as thin metal, wood, plastic, and other non metal/concrete/hard surface materials.
Bullets can now shoot apart fences and other in game objects that were previously unbreakable.
Helicopters now fire missiles semi auto!
Changed grenade explosion to the rpg effect, and altered and changed every single explosion effect in the game.
Accurate rag doll responses from weapon fire.
Increased burn time, spread, and improved visual look of all fire and the materials it touches.
Police and gang weapon loadouts have been modified to allow them carry different weapons and pack more of a punch!
Realistic blood textures, as well as blood sprays and mist.
Blood decals and damage now appear from a much farther distance.
Overhauled bullet impact effects and particles. More and better controlled debris, as well as bigger environment bullet holes.
Big overhaul to melee fighting and general ped interaction, kick less, punch faster, fight peds longer!
7. AUDIO –
Every weapon sound has been fully replaced with custom weapon sounds,bringing the immersion to an even deeper level!

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