Nier Automata PC Issues and Fixes

FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) – v 0.5.6 [Patch Fix] – 5/7/17
Using the mod’s UI.
Opening the menu Controller: Select + Start (PlayStation) / Back + Start (Xbox) Keyboard: Ctrl + Shift + Backspace The controller binding opens the menu in Exclusive Mode (see below) Entering/Leaving Input Exclsuive Mode Controller: Press and Hold Select or Back Keyboard: Press Caps Lock Titlebar color-cycles in this mode to indicate why game input isn’t working 😉 While in Exclusive Mode:
  • Navigate UI elements by pressing up/down/left/right on your keyboard/gamepad. Sliders and buttons can be manipulated by holding the accept button (enter on keyboard, A / Cross on gamepad).
  • The window can be moved by presssing and holding Ctrl + Arrow Keys or Square / X + Left Analog Stick
Overview of Settings in dxgi.ini
TargetFPS=59.94 Use Special K’s framerate limiterSet to 0.0 to disable
LimiterTolerance=0.3 Lower values increase CPU load of framerate limiter in exchange for more consistent frame timing
1 Double-Buffer
2 Triple-Buffer
-1 Quad-Buffered (Game Default)

Triple-Buffering or Double-Buffering will reduce input latency in fullscreen mode

PreRenderLimit=-1 Pre-Rendered Frame LimitSet lower for less input latency but possible stutter-1 uses driver / game default value (usually 3)
PresentationInterval=-1 VSYNC
-1 Respect In-Game Setting
1 ON
2+ 1/<n> Refresh Rate
MaxRes=0x0 Maximum Resolution Listed in-game (0x0 = Unlimited)
MinRes=0x0 Minimum Resolution Listed in-game (0x0 = Unlimited)
Scaling=Unspecified Fix Fullscreen Scaling, don’t touch this setting
Turn OSD On/OffThat yellow thing people will not shutup about Ctrl + Shift + O
Configuration Menu Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Adjust Global Illumination
Ctrl + Shift + }
Ctrl + Shift + {
OSD Readings
Toggle Framerate Counter Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F
Toggle Clock / Version Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T
Toggle GPU Monitor Ctrl + Alt + Shift + G
Toggle CPU Monitor Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C
Toggle Memory Monitor Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M
Toggle I/O Monitor Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I
Toggle Disk Monitor Ctrl + Alt + Shift + D
Toggle Page File Monitor Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P
Toggle D3D11 Shader Analytics Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R
OSD Appearance
Resize Ctrl + Shift + +/-
Show / Hide Ctrl + Shift + O

Color and Scale Config

Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Global\osd.ini
Command Console Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Command Console documentation[]


Known Issues

Windows 7 Users
  1. Install Platform Update[]
  2. Install KB2533623[]
    • RivaTuner Statistics Server, Discord and Razer software are known to interfere with this mod.

Other Fixes

2- Update your direct x
3 – Install all the redistributables required for this game
4- Make sure you run the game on administrative mode

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