NieR Automata Weapons Details

There are many different melee weapons to find in NieR: Automata. You can obtain new weapons by purchasing them from shops, opening up chests you find in the world, or through completing certain quests. Each weapon you obtain can be used by all characters in any playthrough, so long as you have obtained the weapon already.

Each weapon can be upgraded up to three times in most locations. Upgrading wepaons increases the damage they deliver, as well as opens up other abilities that make them more powerful in combat. Later when you find a specific vendor named Masamune that upgrad your weapons further once you find the required materials and money needed to do so. Masamune is located in the Castle of the Forest Area, near the far end of the castle.

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Here is a listing of weapons that are included in NieR: Automata. If you discover new weapons, feel free to add them to the list below.

Small Swords

Name Base Attack Special Abilities
Beastbane 190-210 Enduance Up
Ancient Overlord 150-185 Critical +
Virtuous Contract ATK Speed Up
Cruel Oath 150-180 ATK Speed Up
Machine Sword 140-210 Robot Discount

Large Swords

Name Base Attack Special Abilities
Iron Will Endurance Up
Fang of the Twins 310-320 Critical +, Bullet Rupture
Beastlord 320-350 Endurance Up
Phoenix Sword 270-340 Attack Speed Up
Type-40 Blade 320-330 Stun Up
Virtuous Treaty Attack Speed Up
Cruel Blood Oath 300-330 Attack Speed Up
Machine Axe 280-350 Robot Discount


Name Base Attack Special Abilities
Beastcurse 240-265 Endurance Up
Dragoon Lance 250-260
Virtuous Dignity 220-240 Attack Speed Up
Machine Spear 210-260 Robot Discount

Combat Bracers

Name Base Attack Special Abilities
Bare Fists 100-100 N/A
Angel’s Folly 150-165 Attack Speed Up
Demon’s Cry 100-180 Attack Speed Up
Type-40 Fists 140-150 Stun Up
Virtuous Grief 120-150
Cruel Lament 120-150
Machine Heads 110-160
Emil Heads 120-150
Type-3 Fists 110-170 Endurance Up

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