No Mans Sky Big Inventory Space Complete Guide

Looking for big inventory space in No Mans Sky? This guide will show you how to get more inventory space in NMS video game. In No Man’s Sky, as soon as you begin exploring the planets you rapidly come up short on as far as possible which is also one of the challenges player faces. Inventory Slots are important, so the more slots you have the more resources and upgrades you can convey. 3 pieces of every rigging in a slot are not enough so we should attempt and get more inventory slots.

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Exosuit Slots

There are options accessible to Upgrade slots for Exosuit, StarShip, and Multi-Tool to get more space. The Best approach to increase your Backpack slots is by Upgrading Exosuit. Superior to anything Multi-Tool and StarShip, Exosuit suit can be updated from the Dropped Pods which are found on every planet. Finding these Stations can be hard, however once you visit the Waypoint then search for a red beam close-by.

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