No Mans Sky ExoSuit Upgrades and Features Complete Guide

This guide will show you the upgrades and features or functions of Exosuit in No Mans Sky video game. In No Man’s Sky, there are 3 types of hardware you start with Exosuit, StarShip, and Multi-Tool. Every gear has several technology categories that can be updated. In this article, we will understand the functions and upgrades for Exosuit and how it can shield the player from planet hazards. So with no further ado, we should start with the Exosuit Suit Guide.

Exosuit Features or Functions

The Exosuit works as to shield you from the Radiation furthermore serves as a Mobile Storage. From the Start, you’ll have 12 slots accessible in your suit from which three slots are settled, one for Jetpack, other for Life Support and last for Hazards insurance. Your Exosuit features four technology categories that can be updated, including Armor, Protection, Stamina, and Utilities.xosuit Suit Guide.

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