No Mans Sky – Find Atlas Pass Location Guide

This guide will show you how and where to find Atlas Pass location in No Mans Sky video game. In No Man’s Sky, the Atlas Pass V1 grants you access to several doors on the space stations. This also includes doors that can be found in buildings that can be found on many of the planets. In this guide, we will show how and where to discover the Atlas Pass and how to open the locked doors at the Space Stations. So with no further ado, we should start with the Atlas pass Location guide.

Where To Find Atlas Pass Location in No Mans Sky

When you begin with Exploring the planets in 3rd Solar System, search for Monolith by scanning the range. When you Discover the Planet, head towards the Monolith and Interact. Select the Option Belive the Atlas’ promise keeping in mind the end goal to get the location on your map. Check your Map to discover a space anomaly which is from seen a round looking space station.

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