No Mans Sky Find Black Hole, Space Anomaly Complete Guide

This guide will show you how to find black hole and space anomaly in No Mans Sky video game. No Man’s Sky highlights 18 Quintillion planets and it will be extremely hard to go on each planet which are light years away. Black Holes, then again, are a unique anomaly which can transport you to an extremely far off solar system. This No Man’s Sky location guide will explain to you where to discover the Space Anomaly and the Black Hole to Travel too quick into another System.

In Order to find Black Hole, you should first discover the Space Anomaly which focuses towards a Dead star. This should be possible by going starting with one planet then onto the next as often as possible. Once the Space Anomaly is identified, head inside the dead Star to meet Priest Nada and Scientist Polo.


Conversing with Nada will give you different Options, you have to choose ‘Find a Shortcut to the Center’ to uncover the area of a Black Hole. Once the Location is uncovered, it’s an ideal opportunity to save the in-game progress and don’t forget to gather the Multi-Tool weapon from the stack.

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