No Mans Sky Find Copper Location Guide

This guide will show you how and where to find copper location in No Mans Sky game. The various elements that hold No Mans Sky’s world together also hold together its game-play. Everything in No Mans Sky hinges on you having the right tools and plunder at your disposal so as to craft the following intense tool, add-on, fuel part or whatever else you have to travel further into the solar system or just require to stay alive against the harsh elements of the cosmic galaxy.

A genuinely essential element is Copper. Copper’s a genuinely versatile element and is used in a ton of creating or crafting recipes for additional items for your ship and weapons. In stores it’ll also bring a base estimation of 110 units for each one.

Copper is one of those elements in No Man’s Sky that isn’t precisely phenomenal yet can still sometimes be a smidgen hard to find at first. We have you secured however: here’s the place you’ll most likely discover it.

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