No Mans Sky – Get Starship with 48 Slots Free Complete Guide

This guide will explain how to get 48 slots starship free in No Mans Sky video game.  In No Man’s Sky, when you begin exploring the planets you rapidly come up short on inventory slots which is likewise one of the difficulties player faces. Inventory Slots are profitable, so the more spaces you have the more assets and updates you can carry. This No Man’s Sky guide will help you get 48 Slot in your Ship without spending a solitary unit.

From the very beginning of No Mans Sky video game, your starship has just 15 inventory slots to utilize. Presently keeping in mind the end goal to expand your inventory for your StarShip you have to buy another starship which will cost you immense measure of Units. The greatest inventory slots for a ship is 48 and in the event that you follow our step by step guide on next page, you can upgrade your Ship’s inventory space to 48 without spending any Unit.

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