No Mans Sky – High FOV and Mouse Sensitivity Fix and Guide

This guide will show you how to change mouse sensitivity and increase FOV in No Mans Sky video game. No Man’s Sky is about exploring space and now that the game has released for PC there will be more changes and stuff happening. Not even a day and players have begun confronting issues and blunders. Lets proceed with the expanding of FOV and enhanced Mouse setting for better gameplay.

In any First Person computer game, the field of perspective is imperative as it demonstrates the degree of the recognizable in-game world and in No Man’s Sky its Space. The default FOV is 100 and with this guide, we will expand it to around 135-150. This Trick will just work with PC client, so with no further wait, we should start with the FOV changes.

Check out the FOV and Mouse Sensitivity guides on next page!

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  • Atul Shiva

    what fucking guide

  • just joo

    fake. Does not work. Same stupid guide everywhere.

    Default fov is not 100. Have you even played the game?

  • Zehryo

    Bringing mouse sensitivity above 100 does nothing.
    Any real tweak to fix my low mouse-to-monitor movement ratio?!