No Mans Sky – Make Fast Units or In-Game Cash Complete Guide

This guide will show you how to make fast units or in-game cash or money in No Mans Sky video game. No Man’s Sky highlights around 18 quintillions which player are allowed to explore at whatever time. You have to Upgrade your StarShip, gather different assets, overhaul or upgrade your Items, however you likewise require Units which is the in-game money or cash. There are distinctive ways you can gain this cash and this guide will tell you the most ideal approaches to win and farm Units in No Mans Sky. Check out the details below!

Selling Items

Gathering resources and items will also get you money, you should simply sell them at the right cost. Atlas Station will compensate you Atlas Stone which can be sold for 70K Units each. Similarly, Bypass Chips can be crafted(10 Iron and 10 Platinum) and sold for 3.5K Units each and Lastly, the exchange commodity(dark green thing) which have no use can be sold at a right cost.

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