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Prey Terminal Passwords

In Prey, there are many Terminals and Passwords to unlock them that you will find aboard Talos 1. Terminals offer more insight into the events of the game, and may also hold vital details...


Nier Automata PC Issues and Fixes

FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) – v 0.5.6 [Patch Fix] – 5/7/17 Download / Install Automatic Method Automated Installer (SKIM)[] Manual Method Discouraged; use if auto-install fails or if auto-installed version behaves strangelyFAR v[]...


NieR Automata Costumes and Unlockables

When you complete certain tasks in NieR: Automata, you can unlock extra costumes for your characters. Most of these costumes have requirements like completing the game a certain number of times, while others are...