Pokemon GO – Fix Battery Saver, Reduce Data Usage, Server Issue Guide

Nintendo’s stocks are once again raising as a result of the Pokemon GO application. This video game brings individuals out to investigate the ranges they have never gone to and catch Pokemons scattered everywhere throughout the world. While the Players are caught up with investigating, they discover the battery is draining too quick alongside a cluster of Data Usage. This Pokemon GO Guide will demonstrate to you the secrets to diminish Data Usage and forever alter the Battery Saver Issue.

1. Reduce Data Usage in Pokemon GO

Each time you begin the Pokemon GO, the application loads Google Maps API to show the present area. This is the reason your Data Usage is influenced all the more, however in the event that you take a stab at utilizing the Google Maps as a disconnected Map then it ought to lessen Battery Consumption and makes it run smoother then ever. Take a look at the Below Steps to Reduce the Data Usage:

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Now go To Settings
  3. Once you’re in settings, go To Offline Maps
  4. Hit the Plus Sign(+)
  5. Select the Area You Want
  6. Download the Offline Map

This will spare heaps of data usage and the constant refreshing. In case you’re an iOS client then download the Google Maps from the AppStore and follow the same method.

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