Pokemon GO Pikachu and Raichu with Christmas Hat Guide

This guide will show you how to get Raichu with Christmas Hat in Pokemon GO video game.Pokemon Go’s Christmas event is going full speed ahead. Most importantly, there’s a select number of Gen 2 Pokemon that you can hatch from PokeEggs.

This ought to be a quite solid motivating force to get out into the cold weather and stroll around, isn’t that so? Easily proven wrong, I know.

In any case, there’s a touch of something more. From December twelfth to December 29th, trainers the whole way across the world have the opportunity to get an uncommon, merry Pokemon. In particular, it’s a Pikachu with a Santa cap. So many players have gotten one as of now, since they appear to be bounty flourish. However, will Pikachu keep his charming cap after the occasion is over?

What’s more, would we be able to get a Raichu with a similar cap? Goodness, yes, we can. How about we explain, how to get Christmas Raichu in Pokemon GO.

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