Pokemon Go Plus POGO+ All Errors, Problems, Connectivity Issues Fix

This guide will show you how to fix all the errors, problems, connectivity issues in Pokemon Go and Pokemon Go Plus. Pokemon GO and Pokemon GO Plus are not without their issues, errors or problems.

Since the arrival of the upgrade for Pokemon GO (1.13.3 for iOS and 0.43.3 for Android), the video game and the Go Plus gadget can’t impart. Niantic posted on their support page that the mentors may encounter issues with Pokémon GO Plus.

Phone Connectivity Fix

If your PoGo Plus cannot connect to your phone you can try the listed options below.

  1. Disconnect the Pokemon Go Plus
  2. Go to the the PoGO Plus menu
  3. Untick the “Nearby Pokemon” and “Nearby Pokestop” options
  4. Close the Pokemon GO
  5. Reopen the Pokemon GO
  6. Go to the PoGO Plus menu and tick the “Nearby Pokemon” and “Nearby Pokestop” options
  7. Connect the PoGO Plus to your phone

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