Pokemon Go Unlock All Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals Guide

In Pokemon GO video game, medals are granted to you for a variety of game-play achievements. These Medals you’ll have to unlock by advancing in the video game. When you acquire the medals, you will get some experience for your player character. This Pokemon GO guide will demonstrate how to unlock these medals known as Gold, Silver and Bronze and some additional XP in Pokemon Go game.

In the event that you check the Menu Option of Pokemon Go video game, the medals requirements are listed there however don’t at first show up until you have accomplished no less than one a player in the necessities. So with no further ado, how about we start with the rundown of Medals and how to open them in Pokemon GO.

1. Jogger

How to Unlock: Walk a Certain Distance

  • Bronze Medal: 10km
  • Silver Medal: 100km
  • Gold Medal: ??

2. Kanto

How to Unlock: Register Pokemon in your Pokedex

  • Bronze Medal: 20
  • Silver Medal: 50
  • Gold Medal: 100

3. Collector

How to Unlock: Capture Pokemon

  • Bronze Medal: 30
  • Silver Medal: 500
  • Gold Medal: ??

4. Scientist

How to Unlock: Evolve Pokemon

  • Bronze Medal: 3
  • Silver Medal: 20
  • Gold Medal: 200

5. Breeder

How to Unlock: Hatch Eggs

  • Bronze Medal: 10
  • Silver Medal: 100
  • Gold Medal: ??

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