Pokemon Go Wiki – Capture Hard Pokemon After Level 20 Guide

This guide is about how to catch or capture hard Pokemons after level 20 in Pokemon Go video game.

In Pokemon GO, capturing a wide range of Pokemons is your essential goal. You should know how to level Up quick and catch hard Pokemons. As you advance in the video game, the Pokemon will get harder to get, possibly they dismiss your Pokeball or run away after a couple of throws. This Pokemon Go Trick will demonstrate to you how to to get hard Pokemon with High CP and difficult to catch.

A bit much that the Pokemon will get harder after Level 20, we have seen gamers grumbling about the Pokemon run away from level 7 itself. You should be ready and know which is the best trap to catch every one of ’em. Finding an uncommon Pokemon is a luckiness, however getting them is an unpretentious craftsmanship, so we chose to share a couple tips and traps that we use to get the Pokemon.

1. Capture Pokemon by Emotion

In the wake of achieving level 21, we saw the Pokemon experience are with High-level CP and are harder to get. Each time we tossed a Great Ball, it used to split and run away, so we chose to see the High-Level CP Pokemon for some time and saw each Pokemon makes a gesture. This Gesture can be cheerful or irate, toss some Razz Berry, and sit tight for the Pokemon to Make the Gesture/Emotion.

Once the Emotion is finished, attempt to throw the Pokeball and catch them. This is a working trap for very nearly 90% players. GO try your damn Luck. 😀

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