Pokemon Go Wiki Farming Guide – Get 1000 Plus XP Every Minute

There are so many different ways to Level Up in Pokemon GO. As the game doesn’t generally educate all the more regarding the consumable items, how to utilize and when to utilize, so we attempted to explore it and the guide we found is basically stunning. It is super viable and the most ideal approach to Level up in Pokemon GO and increase 1000+ XP in only one Minute. So with no Further ado, how about we start with the level up Guide below.

Not at all like other Pokemon games, Pokemon GO is more about the Trainers and their Level. The Higher your trainer level the more grounded and rarer Pokemon you find in your encompassing. Our Trick is to Farm the XP and level up the trainer as quick as possible. To make this Trick work you should have no less than two Trainers (friends) alongside you. Things you require:

  1. At least 100 PokeBalls
  2. 2+ Lure Modules
  3. 2+ Incense
  4. 2+ Egg Incubators
  5. Lucky Eggs
  6. Place with 2 or more PokeStops within a single range

before we start with the Farming Process we would prescribe not to advance any Pokemon, ensure the Phone Battery is more than 60% and all the Tab(other applications) are shut to dodge the game from crashing.

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