Prey Location For Keycodes

In Prey, Morgan Yu will find many locked doors and safes that offer the chance to input a keycode instead of finding one of the many Keycards or using Hacking to get around obtaining the keycode in question.

Very few of the keycodes in Prey have a set code – many of them are randomized each playthrough, and so this page will detail where you can find and learn the keycodes and what they unlock (and the contents if it unlocks a safe).

The Keycodes below are organized by the location of the locked item. For a list of where to find Keycodes and their associated locked devices, see below:

Neuromod Division Keycodes

Locked Device Location Keycode Location
Simulation Debriefing Safe Talos 1 Lobby – Seen in the corner of the Looking Glass Video in your Executive Office: 5150.
Safe Contents: Hypo (Psi) Fabrication Plan, 3x Psi Hypo, 600x Exotic Material, Scope Chipset
Volunteer Quarters Door Talos 1 Lobby – Found on the terminal of Bianca Goodwin in the Executive Offices – re: Volunteer Attitude.

Talos 1 Lobby Keycodes

Locked Device Location Keycode Location
Morgan Yu’s Office Talos 1 Lobby – Found on your assistant’s terminal – Jason Chang – outside your office. January will also give you the code: 0451
Security Office Holding Room Door Talos 1 Lobby – Located on a sticky note in the Security Office next to Sarah Elazar’s terminal.
Trauma Center – Quarantine Talos 1 Lobby – Located on the terminal of Mathias Kohl in his office inside the Trauma Center.
Trauma Center – Hendrik DeVries Safe Talos 1 Lobby – The code for Hendrik’s Safe has been scrawled on the wall of Quarantine by the possessed Trevor J. Young, which you can see on the left wall: 7324.
Safe Contents: Psi Hypo, Suit Repair Kit, Medkit, 3x Neuromods

Shuttle Bay

Locked Device Location Keycode Location
Pilot’s Lounge Door Talos 1 Lobby – Transferred via a TranScribe found on the body of Octavia Figgs in the Staff Lounge, behind the bar counter.

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