PS4 Remote Play App All Error Codes, Network Issues, Performance Fixes

PlayStation 4 Remote Play app permits gamers to control PS4 from PC. On the off chance that there are issues with performance, connection, earphones and talk or with Error Code then take a look at the some of the most proficient methods about how to fix such errors and enhance the Remote Play Experience.

1. Network Connection

PlayStation 4

  1. Go to Setting and Select Network Option
  2. Click on the Test Network Connection
  3. Minimum Required Connection Speed is 5 Mbps(Upload/Download)
  4. If the connection is temporarily unavailable then retry or check the PSN Service Status


  1. Check the Network Setting
  2. Open web browser and load a Web Page to make sure it Connects
  3. The NAT type should be Type 2 or less(can be done with PS4 remote play)
  4. Manually register the PS4 remote application to desired PS4 Console.

Close Remote Play app and Restart the Computer and the App. If it still doesn’t work then try Uninstalling and re-installing the Remote Play Application.

2. Connection Issues

Try this method if you can’t locate or Connect PlayStation 4.

You’ll have to check the Internet Connection 1st, We prefer you should use wired connection for strong and constant Internet Speed. If you are using WiFi or wireless connection of any sort, then try to move your PS4 close to the router. Wait for the other devices on your network to be idle before using the Remote Play App. Confirm all the ports – UDP 9296, UDP 9297, UDP 9303 are open to allow communication to the PlayStation 4.

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