Reasons Why PC Is A Master Race

The battle between consoles and PC is going on since forever, many people argue in favor of consoles by pulling the “exclusives” card. What they don’t realize is that  playing games on PC have more advantages than on consoles. Here are the top 10 reasons that why PC is the Master Race.

9- Keyboard And Mouse

One reason that PC is the master race is that you can play games via keyboard and mouse , sure there are a lot of varieties from razer for keyboards and mouses and yes playing an fps shooter is actually easy on keyboard and mouse it gives you the freedom of range and smooth vision , thats why its hard for PC gamers to get use to a controller on any console to play games, and a controller is only good for playing fighting or racing games.



8- Emulators

Well, any PC can play almost any game from any consoles via emulators of course the emulators for the next gen consoles they dont work very well and everything is glitchy while playing them games. but you can easily play PS2 or Xbox game and other consoles like Sega genesis, N64  and PSP games on these days PCs , there is nothing more satisfying while playing Super Mario 64 on PC. You can even emulate Android phones on a PC.



7- Exclusive

There are many exclusives on PC then any other console combined, there are lots of exclusives you can play if you have a nice Rig, once an exclusive is available on PC it is practically there forever.

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6- F2P games

Pc offers a large number of F2P games, there is a big library on steam for the F2P games they have a whole section dedicated to them, the biggest library of MMO and RPG games that you cannot find on any console e.g Planetside 2, Rift, or Guild Of Wars 2. Games like Dota 2, and League of legends takes the spot in the biggest PC F2P Games.


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