ReCore – Find All Health Boosters Locations Guide

This guide will show you how and where to find, discover or locate all health boosters locations in ReCore video game.

Health Boosters are one of the most important Collectibles in ReCore video game. These health boosters will update Joule’s most extreme health bar by one. These Boosters are extremely Rare to discover in such an open world, you can discover them inside the Dungeons, Caves and generally while investigating the primary story missions.

Granite Steps

Health Booster 1

The very 1st one is anything but difficult to discover as you leave the Cave in the wake of crushing Iron Fang, you must have a look at the Top of Joule’s Crawler. Just Double Jump and get it.

Lonely Basin

Health Booster 2

Inside Pylon 512, while hunting down the Prismatic Core, go to the left Cave 1st where you require CellBots to open the Core. Before utilizing the two Ringer Corebytes, check the little alcove behind and snatch it.

Health Booster 3

When you snatch the 2nd booster, you’ll have to go down to discover this Cavern Rush Dungeon(which is an Optional objective). Look across over at the tall rock and go to the top to look on the edges for the Health Booster.

Health Booster 4

Amid the Mission – Whisper in the Sand, you have to discover the CellBots to open the entryway for Cradle. When you hop through the ringer Corebytes to locate the upper Platform, basically get to the highest point of the Rock Plateau in the Middle and get this Booster.

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