ReCore – Find All Prismatic Cores Locations Guide

This guide will show you how and where to find all Prismatic Cores locations in ReCore video game. Prismatic Cores are another most important Collectibles in ReCore video game. These Cores are not customary cores as they have colossal force which can open each one of the Dungeons in Far Eden. The Prismatic Cores can be found in the new region of Far Eden either by killing the Boss or uncovering each one of the Dungeons.

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Granite Steps

Prismatic Core 1

Kill the 1st main boss Iron Fang.

Prismatic Core 2

Subsequent to Defeating or killing Iron Fang, you need to go outside the cavern and look amidst an expansive gap with a substantial pile(On Top Left) of rubble that can be broken, yet you require an AP-3 Corebot.

Prismatic Core 3

Just outside Joule’s Crawler, search for a stone column with Magnetized rail. You require your CoreBot Seth to get this Core.

Prismatic Core 4

Exact north of Joule’s Crawler, on a high rough and rocky kinda platform and to arrive you require FL1-R Corebot and get the Core.

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