Samsung Galaxy S8 With Dual Rear Camera?

Since the Galaxy Note7 is authentic, the bits of gossip are beginning to concentrate on Samsung’s next lead – yes, the Galaxy S8 that ought to just be declared one year from now. The way that we’re still numerous months from that occasion isn’t preventing Chinese leakers from supposedly very important insights about the Galaxy S8 as of now.

A valid example – today’s report that says the gadget will support a double or dual back camera system. One of the cam will be 12 MP, while the other will be 13 MP. The organization will source cameras one more time from both its own division making them, additionally Sony. The Samsung model for this double camera is clearly S5K2L2, while Sony’s is obscure for the present.

The Galaxy S8 will likewise have a 8 MP selfie camera, which would stamp the main increment in resolution for the front cam in Samsung’s leads in numerous years. Moreover, there will be another camera over the display, and this will be there in light of the fact that the S8 is getting the iris scanning feature that made its introduction in the Note7.

Different points of interest haven’t been outed yet, however don’t be astounded on the off chance that we’ll be swimming in S8-related gossipy tidbits in the following couple of weeks. The locked doors appear to have unlocked as of now.

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