Shadow Warrior 2 All PC Cheat Codes, Commands Guide

This post will show you all the PC cheat codes or commands for Shadow Warrior 2 video game. Shadow Warrior 2 is one of the shocking development of Flying Wild Hog’s unique FPS video game. You get the chance to control the misfortunes of previous corporate shogun Lo Wang. Here we all the PC cheat codes which you have to use in the game in the wake of enabling the cheat menu.

Before we start with the PC Console Commands or cheat codes, we need you to enable the cheat window where you can enter the desired codes. You have to press the [~] Tilde button located on your PC keyboard which will bring the cheat menu on screen. Simply move ahead and use these cheats listed below for unlimited ammo and much more!

Launch parameters

  • -autoexec:
  • -benchmark
  • -connect_galaxy_lobby=
  • -map=
  • -nomodalerror
  • -safe


  • a_ – Animation
  • ai_ – Artificial Intelligence
  • d_ – Debug
  • e_ – Editor(?)
  • g_ – Game(play)
  • n_ – Networking
  • p_ – Physics
  • pp_ – Postprocessing
  • r_ – Rendering
  • s_ – UI/Input/Sound(?)
  • v_ – Visibility(?)
  • w_ – Window(?)

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