Shadowgun Legends An Epic FPS Coming To NVIDIA Shield in 2017


NVIDIA has a very quite Gamescom on the  shield this year, but they showed us something very epic which is coming to Shield TV in 201and is SHadowgun Legends and it is a very big step forward for Madfinger’s games from the past year.

Shadowgun legends will be using Shield TV and the Tegra X1 chipset to boast its power and create a full epic first-person shooter. They said its very far from being finished but they are promising us a good first person shooter.

shadowgunlegends guidescloud

Players will have the opportunity to dive deep into a 24th-century war-torn world where you will become the up and coming Shadowguns, an elite unit of badasses from all around the galaxy. It will be up to you to decide whether you are going to face the alien threat alone or with your Shadowgun friends.

The textures of this game looks very much more realistic than any other Madfinger game till yet, the wet areas of the floor gives you the quality reflections, More news will be available in the coming 2017 as shield will announce its release date soon

shadowgun legends ShadowgunLegends_ScreenShot_004


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