Some Fruits And Their Benefits

All fruits offer health benefits especially the fresh ones.They are
enriched with essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs
on daily basis. Nothing compares to the rich array of nutrients and
antioxidants in real natural fresh fruits.Discussed below are some
of the benefits of fresh fruits.

1. BANANA:  (calories: 89/100g)


  Bananas reduces depression.
  Protects your heart.
  Quiets a cough.
  Strengthens bones.
  Control blood pressure.
  Blocks diarrea.
  Boost up energy.

2. APPLE: (calories: 52/100g)


  Prevents constipation.
  Improves lung capacity.
  Cushions joints.
  Help resist infection.

3. Kiwi: (calories: 61/100g)

  Increases bone mass.
  Prevents cancer.
  Remove excess sodium.
  Boosts immunity.
  High in fiber.
  Protects eye.

4.Watermelon: (calories: 30/100g)


  Controls heart rate.
  Cleans kidneys.
  Controls heart diseases.
  Produces energy.
  Highest alkalizing fruit.

5.Dragon fruit: (calories: 60/100g)














  Prevents cancer & memory loss.
  Controls blood glucose levels.
  Contains vitamin A hence useful in night blindness.
  Works great with blemishes and results in softer, tighter,skin.
  Anti inflammatory properties.

6. Pineapple: (calories: 50/100g)













  Asthma prevention.
  Strengthens bones.
  Keeps gums healthy.
  Alleviates arthritis.

7. Blueberries: (calories: 50/100g)


  Aids digestion.
  Full of antioxidants.
  Reduces belly fat.
  Enhances mood.

8. Strawberries: (calories: 33/100g)



  Reduces cancer.
  Anti aging properties.
  Stimulates burning of fats.
  Maintains healthy skin.
  Anti viral properties.

9. Grapes: (calories: 67/100g)


  Prevents fatigue.
  Reduces chances of heart attack.
  Reduce constipation.
  Reduces cholesterol level.
  Prevents contaract.

10. Pomegranate: (calories: 83/100g)


  Protects against osteoarthritis.
  Boost immune system.
  Anti inflammatory.
  Fights against cancer.
  Prevents teeth and gum disorder.

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