Some Simple Steps In Treating Depression

Stressed? Depressed? Anxious? there are different ways of combating 

depression.It’s a day to day, week to week, month to month battle 

to overcome it.So before going with pharmacological therapy like 

antidepressants just give this list a shot to beat depression:


1.Get in routine.Setting a gentle daily routine can help you get 

back on track.


2.Set goals.




3.Do exercise, not a heavy one but to keep up your body 

metabolism.It increases your endorphin.


images (1)



4.Eat healthy, a “happy diet” and that includes fish oil rich in 

omega-3 fatty acids, flax-seed oil,sour cherries, eggs.


5.Enlist your joys,skills and accomplishments, read it 2-3 times a 




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