Star Wars Battlefront Emotes

You can plant Emotes in the game by pressing the directional button on the controller’s D-Pad , these require a plater to posses some specific rank as well.

Name Credits Rank Description
Fist pump First Pump in the air action
Bad feeling Grabs chin like hes thinking something.
Come on Expressing a “lets go!” reaction while waving hand
Smell 1,250 4 Wave hands likes something smells bad
Droid 2,500 4 The “Robot Dance”
Denied 1,200 9 Hands on waist smirk.
Blame 1,250 9 Looks about as if done nothing wrong.
No faith 1,250 14 Trooper re-enacts a force choke.
Thumbs up 1,250 14 A thumbs up for a fellow trooper
Shrug 2,500 17 Performs a “Meh” motion with shoulders.
No try 2,500 17 Points and waves hand
Boom 2,500 20 Signifies explosion with hand gesture.
No way 1,200 20 Waves index finger in the air.
Too easy 2,500 23 Showing a relax manner by placing both hands at the back of the head
Cuffs 1,250 23 Places hands in front of body as if they are cuffed.
Scream 2,500 27 Outroar
Clap 2,500 27 Claps
Nooo 2,500 30 Says a  vader, “Nooo!”
Saberfight 3,500 30 Play fights with an imaginary lightsaber.
Say what 1,250 35 Waves hands next to ear.
Oh yeah 2,500 35 A lower body first Pump while Crounches down.
Tusken 3,500 40 Performs a Tusken Raider chant.
No good 2,500 40 Places hands on head as if one missed a field goal.
Flex 3,500 44 Flexes muscles in some poses.
Laugh 3,500 44 Chuckles in a slap-happy manner.
Boxer 3,500 47 Shadow boxes for a moment.
Nothing here 3,500 50 Waves hands as if saying, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”

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