Strategic and luxury resources in Endless Space 2

Vital assets are an imperative piece of the game on the off chance that you need to have an all around created and solid armada. Moreover, you can utilize them while building Wonders or extremely propelled extends in frameworks. In each match you can get every one of the 6 sorts of key assets in spite of the fact that having frameworks with the last two sorts is exceptionally troublesome. You should investigate frameworks and hunt different signs, ruins or different discoveries in the event that you need to find stores or a piece of them that was scattered. You can likewise grab a framework that has a place with other human advancement that has an asset that you require. The same goes for the second gathering of assets that you can mine. Extravagance assets offers rewards to the nationals in your frameworks. Their capacity can be isolated into nearby (in a framework) or as a piece of System Development extend, an uncommon overhaul that depends on an extravagance asset. Other than that you can utilize them in exchange, enhance Approval in a framework or utilize it to build a populace of a specific race in your framework. Vital assets can be separated into three gatherings:

  • Titanium and Hyperium. You can find them easily whether as ready to be mined deposits or as a loot during exploration. The first few technologies allow to use them in creating better modules and ships.
  • Adamantian and Antimatter. They are hard to come across and they are used in the development of technologies that are in farther, middle tech trees. Modules that are based on them are more powerful the preceding ones.
  • Orichalcix and Quadrinix. Very rare minerals. They are hard to mine, even finding a system that has their deposits is difficult to find. They are used in production of the strongest ships and modules.

Resource deposits may vary – in one system you can only get one unit while in other system you can get a few during one turn. You only have to own a given system and colonize a planet on which you can find a resource deposit. You must develop a technology from Economy and Trade that allows you to mine those resources. Only then you can get them moved into your warehouse.

In the main screen you can see the information about your resources (1) in warehouses (those that are mined are highlighted). In the Trade screen you can see the status of the luxury resources (4). - Strategic and luxury resources in Endless Space 2 - Gameplay basics - Endless Space 2 Game Guide
In the main screen you can see the information about your resources (1) in warehouses (those that are mined are highlighted). In the Trade screen you can see the status of the luxury resources (4).

In each turn you get resources delivered to your warehouses. They are not kept on planets or systems but they are gathered in the overall pool of your empire and are taken from it when you begin a construction of a ship or an upgrade. In the upper left corner, in the status screen (1), you can see the amount of your resources. If the resource icon and the number is underlined it means that a given resource is mined. On the screen you can see the places where known resources are but they are not currently mined (2) and systems in which the resources are currently mined (3). In the first case the resource icon above a planet is slightly translucent and in the second case the icon is fully colored. Remember that you can trade those minerals in the Galactic Trade Center but only if came across a given resource. You can’t buy unknown minerals. Because of that it is important to explore the galaxy as much as possible. Thanks to that you can discover new places that can be mined in the already known systems.

On the economy screen you can see the amount of luxury resources (4). They are assigned to columns corresponding to a given group of bonuses to which they are connected to. They can be used in System Development (5), a special upgrade for your systems. Some of them give you a fixed value, e.g. +50 Dust in a system, other can give you +10 Dust per citizen in a system. You can assign only one resource to one level of the System Development (you can’t assign two or three of the same ones) but one type can be assigned to each level to combine effects. As presented in the picture, in order to upgrade the System Development to level 2 I used RedSang (+50 Food) and I did the same with the level 3. The effects of both levels combine in a system which means that I’ll get +100 Food in that system. A proper use of luxury resources can fill in the gaps in your empire or make it even stronger in a given filed.

These resources can also be traded but only when you discovered or acquired them. Besides that you can use them when the citizens are revolting (the Approval is very low). When this happens a random resource is selected. Each race has its own favorite resource (6) which can be used to encourage them to increase the population. You can see it in the Population Overview which can be accessed by selecting the Senate Screen or system overview. The greater population in your empire the more resources you must use to encourage them. A question mark next to a race means that you don’t have the access or you didn’t found their favorite resource.

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