Super Mario Run Cheats – Stop Go Back Guide

This guide will show you how to stop Mario and go backwards in Super Mario Run video game. Super Mario Run released today for iOS users and this is our 1st guide for this game.

You are very much aware of the way that in Super Mario Run, the lead character Mario just walks forward. This implies on the off chance that you leave behind a collectible currency or a square that you need to hit, then you won’t have the capacity to do a reversal to get to it. Yes, you read it right. Yet, imagine a scenario where I let you know this is not the case and there is a super magnificent Super Mario Trick to stop andreverse or go back.

We’ve discovered the activity you have to perform in Super Mario Run to Stop Mario and go back. There are 2 methods, particularly the bubble one is exceptionally convenient in Super Mario Run when you attempt to accomplish 100% in every level. So with no further delay, lets have a look at the guide.

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