Super Mario Run – Unlock All Characters Guide

This guide will show you how to unlock all characters and their abilities in Super Mario Run video game.Mario is by all account not the only playable character in this game. There are various playable characters, 5 altogether, which players need to unlock before they get to be distinctly accessible for play.

Aside from Toad and Peach, each other character in Super Mario Run can be opened by simply setting particular buildings. All you need is a sure number of particular colour Toads. Have a look at the details below!

Colour Toads

You can gather Toads in Super Mario Run by winning games in Toad Rally mode. Keeping in mind the end goal to get a particular colour Toads, players ought to first check the adversary (before selecting them). It will raise the insights about the Toad Colour that will be accessible in the wake of winning.

So you should simply choose an adversary that will give you your fancied colour Toad, and defeat, as basic as that. Do this procedure until you have gathered enough Toad.

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