Technomancer All Combat Styles Guide – PC, XBox One, PS4

Okay, so this guide contains all the information and details about The Technomancer’s combat styles. The Technomancer is a science fiction-themed action RPG developed by Spiders, who previously developed Mars: War Logs For PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Each of the Technomancer combat styles certainly has its own particular flavor. The pleasant thing is that you can without much of a stretch switch forward and backward, and begin the video game with each style and a weapon set for each. In this guide, we will explain which Technomancer combat style is for you. This short guide will help you make sense of it before getting your tail gave to you on Planet Mars.

1. Technomancy

One thing I discover intriguing is that none of the trailers or gameplay videos about the Technomancer truly highlighted this as a combat style. Yet, thinking of it as has its own particular line of capacities and influences battle drastically, I thought I’d toss this in.

Technomancy is basically what makes you not quite the same as most different characters in the video game. It’s sort of like the game’s “enchantment,” and the forces it gives are useful in all circumstances.

For instance, it’s one of the main ways you can truly utilize extended battle. The other path is with the gun utilized by the Rogue aptitude trees, yet it’s not by any stretch of the imagination intended to be utilized as a noteworthy wellspring of harm.

Technomancy additionally gives you utility by electrifying your weapon or making a shield around yourself. Both are helpful, yet the main drawback is they take up an entire fluid charge, keeping you from giving a role as numerous harming spells (like Electric Arcs.)

Important Notes about Technomancy Combat Style

  1. Sustained abilities like Electric Weapon and Magnetic Shield. Not having to worry about using abilities mid-fight is convenient, as I can just focus on the melee.
  2. Lightning arcs are a nice way to take out enemies — especially weak monsters — from far away. It also gives a little AoE to assist styles (like Rogue) that don’t have much AoE to speak of.
  3. Your electricity can stun baddies, letting you get some free hits in or giving you some breather room to use an injection.
  4. Augments all 3 of the other styles, so there’s no reason not to invest at least a few points here.
  5. Some abilities take a second to activate. If you’re getting shot at or have an enemy in your face, you may not be able to finish it before getting disrupted.
  6. Electric Arcs does decent damage, but it’s not amazing. Most of your damage will come from melee.
  7. You can’t use these abilities very much unless you invest in additional fluid charges, which is several skill points up the tree.
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