Technomancer All Slums Side Quests Guide and Details

This post is a complete guide about the slums side quests in the Technomancer video game. From this section, you will figure out how to finish the side missions or quests accessible in the Slums. The greater part of them are opened in a steady progression, subsequent to finishing the primary quest Break the opposition.

The Slums are the 2nd location in the city, governed mostly by the Vory. On the off chance that you don’t have in any event unbiased relations with them, you will be compelled to always battle with gatherings of outlaws prowling in the alleys of this district. The greater part of the quests done here are given to you by Anton Rogue. This location is straightforwardly associated with the Underworks and the Exchange.

1. Unequal Combat

Rewards for finishing the quest: 1000 EXP, 100-130 Serum and Karma / Reputation– details can be located at the end of the chapter.

How to unlock: find a woman wearing a helmet in the bar in The Slums.


  1. Go to the bar to investigate Dereck Labour, the missing boxer
  2. Find Derek Labour, the boxer
  3. Interrogate the merchant about the sale of jellyfish venom
  4. Find the henchmen responsible for the killing
  5. Take care of the backer
  6. Tell the fiancée what has happened

In the bar you will be hindered by a lady wearing a protective cap. She will request that you help her locate a specific man. After the discussion head to the upper floor and talk with the Eliter Soldier situated amidst the room. A short time later, get to the lower floor and talk with the man situated close to the way out of the bar.

You will be coordinated on the back of the building, where you will discover the body of the man you’re searching for. You will discover that he was harmed. You should contact Scott Seeker (unless he is your sidekick) by making a beeline for his research center. He will guide you at a man that has the toxic substance – one of the shippers.

Talk with the broker – there won’t be any issues and he will let you know all that you require. You can discover a Member of Vory close-by – he may be one of the suspects. Tragically, he is an individual from a pack and he, alongside 5 buddies, will assault you. Luckily for you, you have to beat them a bit and they will rapidly surrender.

Return to the Elite Soldier situated on the upper floor of the bar from where you’ve taken the quest. He will be the one in charge of the homicide and you will have the capacity to choose one of the 2 alternatives:

  1. Capture him – beat the man and his companions and send him to jail (+2 Karma, +1 Abundance rep., 1000 EXP and 80 Serum).
  2. Offer him to bribe you (100 Serum) and in return you will forget about the case. You will receive -1 Karma, 1000 EXP and 130 Serum.

Finally, get back to the lady on the ground floor of the bar and receive your reward for the quest.

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