Technomancer – Find Earth Complete Location Guide and Details

This post contains all the information and guide about how to find earth in the Technomancer video game. Soon after finishing the primary fundamental quest, the Grand Master will request that you take a Detour on your approach to Captain Eliza to explore about a few traders. Note: This quest will be dynamic for a more drawn out time and you should finish the initial 3 targets to open the principle quest A Safe Haven and in addition finishing each goal in Fighting for Abundance.

1. Merchant Rumors

This will be your 1st target to stamp on the map and after arriving talk with Tom Goodsman to think about the parade’s vanishing. In the wake of talking with Tom, head to Joe Goodsman and get some information about the band. While talking you can utilize the charisma check to either debilitate him or pay off him for 10 Serum. Subsequent to thinking about Vory and their shady managing we should make a beeline for the ghettos and converse with Vory straightforwardly.

You will have the alternative to battle your way in, leave or give the doorkeeper the lobby pass which can found by tackling a gathering of Vory. As you enter the Structure a little cutscene will trigger with Aston Rogue, then you can talk with him by either fixing him for 150 Serum or persuade him with Charisma or scare him for data about the restriction. Presently go to the Warehouse and utilize – ‘who will have benefit will have honor’ to pass gently and head back to Exchange to get another target.

2. Archaeology in the Desert

Here you should open the meanderer by advancing through the ‘Combat for Abundance’ quest. Go to the stamped area and take out the adversaries then take the relic from inside. There will be a discretionary target where you can look at for the Counterattack mission in Fighting for Abundance. When you are done, come back to Ian and turn in for the prizes.

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