Technomancer Safe Haven Quest Guide and Details

This guide is all about a safe haven quest in the Technomancer video game. This Quest gets accessible once you’ve finished the Fighting for Abundance Main Quest and few from Finding Earth. So with no further ado, how about we start with the initial segment of A Safe Haven Quest. Check out the details below!

1. The Escape

When you start the quest, your primary target is to escape the run towards the Slums. Battling with the adversaries is absolutely choices as you won’t lose or increase any notoriety here so just head towards the marked location and search for the Rover. At the point when going over the Rover you need to battle here with the rivals and once you vanquish them get inside to battle the Boss and Progress in the Mission.

2. Race Against the Sun

This is a Time-based mission as you have to achieve the City before the dawn and in this manner you can select any course to go to the marked location. When you reach there you have to battle the animals before the entryway and keep battling through the until you finish the bit of the quest.

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