The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild – Simple Unlimited Money, Running And Chest Cheats

Amiibo Cheat

You can use Amiibo once a day to get different items you can also get  sometimes rupees and ore depending on the Amiibo used. However, you can speed with process up by altering the console’s clock to move it a day forward. Each AMiibo used registers the time it was used, and by moving the clock forward, you can keep using them as much as you want. Note that if you move the clock back to a day you used the Amiibo on – it will still register that it’s already been used.

Lureline Village Unlimited Money Cheat

When you goto Lureline Village you find an NPC called “Cloyne”. He will offer you a mini game in which you have to  spend 100 Rupees and he will double your chest. You will not be able to save after you bet, but still you can abuse this to get infinite money and repeat it with your Save File

100% Chance Success Food

You need to quickly goto some cooking place to start cooking food if you notice a Blood moon rising. Every dish you create the night of a Blood Moon before midnight will have a 100% chance to be a critical success, meaning your food will be more potent and offer more hearts, and have better and longer lasting special effects than normal.

Myahm Agana Shrine Cheat

The shrine is  is located in East Necluda, right in Hateno Village, just off to the right from the main village center by the Bolson Construction Homes. Inside, you can find a hidden chest with a Phrenic Bow

Myaham Again Shrine is also very famous for its spinning motion puzzles. You cannot turn off motion controls, but you can mess with them enough to bypass this puzzle entirely. Turn over the platform entirely — so it’s upside-down, with the maze out of sight and the balls dropping on the flat reverse side.

Now, angle the maze so the ball rolls quickly towards the platform you are trying to get it to. As it plummets down the flat surface, flick it up to throw the ball towards where its supposed to go. It’s easier than the maze, but it might take a few tries! IGN was able to flick the ball all the way down to the hole, bypassing the ramp, but if you hit any part of the ramp, you’re good.

Infinite Running Glitch

In order to get this glitch done you have to run normally using the B button and the left analog stick but with it also  hold down on the D-Pad, which is typically used for whistling. It is that simple! Try it out whenever you are running away from a guardian.

Infinite Arrows Glitch

You know there is away to get infinit arrows to be picked up , whenever an enemy hits you with an arrow the arrows are sometimes can be picked off

Travel to any of the large fields in Hyrule where you can find Bokoblins mounted on horseback – like the Hyrule Ridge, Hebra snowfields, or the Faron Grasslands. Once you get close enough to alert a pack of the mounted Bokoblins to your presence, pan your camera until it’s looking top down at Link, and wait. Oddly enough, the Bokoblins won’t be able to hit you as long as you are like this. instead of hitting you they will start hitting arrows around you, and this willl et you pick up the arrows that stick to the ground , there is a limit of 10 objects at the around, so let a few accumulate and then start picking them up. You can hold up to 999 Arrows, so do this as much as you please!

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