The Technomancer All Side Quests Guide and Details

There are thirty five side quests altogether in The Technomancer video game and on the off chance that you have any questions with respect to the video game walkthrough then do shoot them beneath in the comments area. Likewise, recollect the decisions or choices you roll out in the game will improve the result for related or another quest so doesn’t stress on the off chance that you quest begin didn’t trigger.

1. A Soldier Bitterness

This can be your first side quest of the Technomancer just in the event that you slaughter the coward in the – ‘Battling For Abundance’ Mission. Come back to Eliza and discover the trooper in the encampment, converse with him and think about David. Save the game and after that discussion to David in Curiosity as he will offer you an appeal decision to spare. On the off chance that you choose to utilization the charisma then there is 75% he can go along with you back and in the event that you undermine him then it will make him frantic and not join back.

2. A Nasty Invasion

When you finish the primary mission – ‘Fighting For Abundance’ talk with Quartermaster to know more about this quest. You have to discover 3 traps and give them to Ryan Steward. When you finish this, hand them to Quartermaster for Relationship Boost, Experience focuses and Serum.

3. Combat Drug

The Quest will trigger once you finish the past side quest – A Nasty Invasion. Presently head towards the target marker and converse with the woman attempting to get in. In the wake of helping her, head to the following marker and take a stab at utilizing the lock picking to get inside and get 1 karma as a prize. Presently go to Quartermaster and get 80 serums as a prize for fulfillment.

Presently go to the Slums to talk with Scott Seeker in regards to the antidote, come back to Quartermaster once you get the cure and get some experience and Abundance Army Reputation as a prize.

4. A Professors Worries

When you have the cure head back and talk with Scott to get this mission. Presently you know where to run so first talk with Veronica outside and persuade her to get some more data. On the off chance that you get the data come back to Scott (in labs), then go to the barracks and talk with Eliza Major. Tell Veronica and get more data about the examination (Charles Seeker’s notes). At long last, converse with Scott and complete the quest and get experience focuses and Reputation with Scott.

The Convince option is unlocked if you speak more about Disappearance (depends on Charisma).

5. The Feeling of Being Followed

You can acknowledge this quest while conversing with Jeffery in ‘A Professors Worries’ quest. Your primary employment is to take after and don’t stay too far or the mission will be fizzled. In the wake of bringing down, spy seeks the body then make a beeline for garisson huts and talk with Alan Mancer. You can bring him down and it will give you a Reputation with Jeffery with some experience points.

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