Tips For Playing Just Cause 3 With Story Missions

Just Cause 3 is a game published by Square Enix and developed by Avalanche Studios and  its released on December 1, 2015 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4,  and PC. The story of the game is set several years after the events of the previous game in the series. Rico Rodriguez is the main protagonist as he leaves The Agency and returns to his homeland of Medici.


General Tips for Playing Just Cause 3

  • If you’re screen turns red take cover Rico will regain health until he got hit
  • If you want to to quickly traverse large areas use the grapple and parachute with the reel in technique .
  • New weapons and ammo can be found in raids and storage units.
  • Tether is very usefull for almost everything you can remove an enemy with it or you can bring down any build or you can just simply have fun with it.
  • The bull’s head icon on the map is the location of the next story mission. Grey indicates you can’t start the mission yet, while yellow means the mission is ready to go.
  • If you want to start the next story mission you may have to liberate certain areas from the map.
  • Flying, Driving or grappling is the only way to travel.

Just Cause 3 Story Missions

Welcome Home – Find the Rocket Launcher, Save Mario
Find Mario and head back to the rebel base to take down the militia!

Time for an Upgrade – Find the Wingsuit, Destroy the Convoy
Pick up the wingsuit and destroy the convoy and bridge.

Mario’s Rebel Drops – Unlock the Garage and Rebel Drop
Locate a unique ride, then learn how to save vehicles in your garage!

A Terrible Reaction – Take the Gunship and Escort Mario to Safety
Take out the militia in the city, then commandeer the gunship and escort Mario to safety.

Friends Like These – Unlock Fast Travel and Head to Vigilator Nord
Unlock the Fast Travel ability as you make your way to Vigilator Nord.

Conflicting Interests – Locate the Bavarium Scanner
Infiltrate Vigilator Nord and locate the scanner, then head to Cima Leon.

The Secret of Vis Electra – Locate and Destroy the Power Node
Destroy the power node in Vis Electra to put an end to FOW.

Turncoat – Find Dr. Zeno Antithikara
Head to Lavanda and chase down Dr. Zeno Antithikara to complete this mission!

Missile Cowboy – Help the Rebels, Reach the Missile
Help the Rebel forces in Cima Leon, then grapple to the missile to complete the mission.

Of Cows and Wine – Save All the Wine Barrels
Make sure you don’t drop any wine barrels as you complete this mission.

Connect the Dots – Destroy Choppers and SAM Sites
Take down the enemy ships, then meet up with Annika and Teo!

An Act of Piracy – Take the Inperator Bavarium Tank
Drop onto the tank when the shield is down and use it to clear the enemy forces.

Three’s Company – Shoot the Gate Controls, Escort Annika and Teo
Keep Annika and Teo safe as you take down an army of enemies and a few choppers!

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