Titanfall 2 – Unlock BF1 Skin Red Baron Warpoint Guide

This guide will show you how to unlock Battlefield 1 also known as BF1 skin Red Baron Warpoint in Titanfall 2 video game.

EA has arranged something extraordinary for all the Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 gamers. As of late EA and Titanfall 2 official page tweeted about the Battlefield 1 roused Red Baron Skin can be unlocked in Titanfall 2. This is skin is extremely uncommon and specially crafted for every one of the individuals who have played BF1.

The Red Baron Skin denote your Titans in an exemplary red and white scheme with a German pro Manfred Von Richthofen on his Fokker Dr.I triplane. So to open this skin in Titanfall 2, you should simply play Battlefield 1 either on PS4, XOne or PC. Once finished with that, install Titanfall 2. The game will automatically know about your in-game progress and will open the skin. In basic term, you have to buy both Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 on same platforms.

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